Miyuki Seedbeads Glamourpiece Handmade Necklace

Product details:

-size:40cm-50cm,it is can be adjust

-Material in seedbeads,natural stone beads and shell beads

-colors and design can be custom as customer request,

we are mainly for wholesale and export ,

any question pls connect us: admin@jinfu-accessory.com

H1.:Miyuki Seedbeads Glamourpiece Handmade Necklace

wholesale and export

H2: DETAILS –Necklace

  • seedbeads,natural stone beads and shell beads
  • logo can be custom and add
  • size:40-50cm

Select from:

  • seedbeads,natural stone beads and shell beads
  • Minimalist Mixed color seed beads and cream shell beads. Gift for Choker. Elegant necklaces that you can present to yourself or your loved ones on special occasions. Elegant choker necklaces.
  • There may be some color and tone differences caused by different monitor settings.
  • It is not recommended to contact the jewelry with water to use it for a longer time.


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